What I've Bought #26 | Boxing Day Sales

Thursday, 14 January 2016

One of the things I received for Christmas was a Boots gift card which I was originally going to use to pick up some Nyx products but unfortunately you can only use gift cards in store. I had to wait until public transport was up & running again.. so by the time I got to my nearest Boots store, there wasn't much to choose from. After a good hour, I did manage to pick up two things I had my eye on. 

The first thing I picked up was the Sanctuary Glow & Boost Skincare Collection. It had been reduced from £20 to £10 which I was pretty happy about as I was willing to pay that or more for a good facial oil as the weather has played havoc with my skin. I can't wait to try these bits out as I really need to get back into a good skincare routine.

The set contains:
Illuminating Moisture Lotion 15ml
 Radiance Exfoliator 15ml
Therapist's Secret Facial Oil 30ml
Thermal Detox Mask 15ml

I then spotted the Starbucks Dusting Set, this had been reduced from £10 to £5. I was actually going to buy this before Christmas but I'm glad I waited to see if I could get it in the sale. I have been obsessed with hot chocolate with plenty of whipped cream lately, so I thought that these would be good to add a little flavour.

The 4 flavours included are:

Even though the sales weren't that great & the weather was pretty rubbish, I'm really happy with the things that I picked up. I'm probably going to review the Sanctuary bits so keep an eye out for that.

Did you pick up anything from the sales?


  1. Replies
    1. I tried it for the first time yesterday & so far I really like it. My skin feels so much better (: xx

  2. I had my eye on the Starbucks set, I love a hot choc with whipped cream too, my fav thing to put on top is cinnamon. Just to let you know, if you go into a boots you can order at a till (as long as you have the item numbers) and use a gift card that way, I had to do that to get the real techniques brush set but I was looking at the nyx stuff too 😍

    1. It's a really lovely set, although I don't think I could pay full price for it. I love sprinkling cinnamon over the whipped cream. Oh really? I didn't know that. Next time I'll pop in store to make an order. Thank you :D I ended up making a online order to pick up some Nyx products & so far they seem pretty amazing (: xx


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