Current Favourite Nail Polishes

Friday, 23 October 2015

I adore dark nail polish shades & I wear them all year round but most brands only bring out new shades when the colder months come around. I recently picked up two gorgeous shades from Barry M that have quickly become a part of my most reached for stash. I thought I would share what polishes I'm currently loving with you all.

 Barry M Pit Stop - Light grey.
Essie Mind Your Mittens - Dark almost black teal.
Barry M Sprint Finish - Pomegranate / Deep berry.
OPI Black Cherry Chutney - Deep purple with fine red shimmer.
Maybelline Black Magic - Clear base with various sizes of black & silver glitter.

What are your favourite nail polishes at the moment?


  1. I'm loving dark polishes at the moment too and one of my favourites is OPI Miami Beet. I love the look of Black Cherry Chutney though too :) x

    1. That is such a gorgeous shade! I don't need anymore nail polishes but I don't think I have a shade like that in my collection (: It's a lovely nail polish, I would definitely recommend picking it up (: xx

  2. Cherry Chutney looks so pretty. I hate that I can't wear nail polish at work - I have so many new ones I want to try! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. It is such a beautiful shade! That sucks :( I don't like my nails being bare, so I would really struggle with that. You should give yourself a little pamper when you're not working & try some of them out (: xx


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