What I've Baught #25 - Primark

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Candles £1 each | Throw £3 | Shoes £3

I not so recently popped into Primark & even though I didn't find most of the things I wanted.. I did manage to pick up a few home bits & a super comfy pair of flats.

I adore candles, watermelon & lemonade. So when I saw a million & one posts about the Watermelon Lemonade scented candle...I had to have it! I couldn't find it anywhere but I did pick up the Lemon Verbena & Appletini candles. I got the smaller sizes just in case I didn't like them but I wish I got the bigger sizes as they smell amazing.

I have been after a throw for so long but they are always so expensive. While I was wondering around this Grey & White Triangle Throw caught my eye. I expected it to be at least £8-£10 but to my surpise, it was only £3. I wish I had picked up another one as it's incredibly soft & I think I'm going to use this as a picnic blanket.

I normally find quite a few pairs of shoes I like while I'm in Primark but on this occasion I only found these Black & White Aztec Slip Ons. I did have to size down to a 6 for these to fit properly but they are incredibly comfortable & look great with casual outfits.

What have you baught lately?


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    1. Thank you (: They are great, aren't they? They are so affordable & amazing quality (: xx


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