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Sunday, 26 July 2015

How would you describe your style?
Comfy casual with a hint of grunginess. <-- If that's even a word?

What are you wardrobe staples?
Skinny Jeans/Leggings
Basic Tees
Faux Leather Jacket
Ankle Boots/Some sort of flat shoes

What are your favorite places to shop?
New Look

What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
Skinny jeans/Leggings, Basic tee/Comfy jumper, Faux leather jacket & Ankle boots/Flats

What five fashion items are currently on your wishlist? 

What do you wear the most: leggings, jeans, skirts or dresses?
I switch between skinny jeans & leggings the most.

If you won the lottery, what shop would you love to go on a shopping spree in? 
 Asos! I only ever buy one or two pieces at a time because they are slightly pricey in my opinion but the quality is amazing & they have some really gorgeous items.


  1. Hi, Ash! c: Nice to see your posts again!!!~ I wish we had a Primark here in Toronto, hmm. I've heard a lot about that store in Youtube videos and in blogger! o_o; Is it like Topshop?
    I definitely wear skinny jeans and leggings the most too, ahah. I don't really wear anything else =_=;
    Junniku blog!

    1. (:
      It's a great shop, I wish there was one closer to me though.
      It is much cheaper than Topshop & they have a better range of sizes (:
      I'm always in skinny jeans/leggings, they just go with everything & are so comfortable (: xx


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