Barry M Vintage Violet

Monday, 22 June 2015

It looks a lot darker in the photos but it is much more muted in real life.

Barry M is one of my favourite brands. I have only just started to really get into the makeup side of things but their nail polishes initially got me hooked. They have so many beautiful shades with an equally impressive range of finishes. I love the matte & gelly ranges but you can't beat a good classic.

Vintage Violet is a gorgeous muted purple with a grey undertone. It gives an even & opaque finish in just one coat but I always like to add a second coat because apparently it brings out the true colour of the nail polish. The drying time is pretty impressive - it only took a few minutes for my nails to be completely dry which is great as I can get a little impatient & always end up smudging them. My nails stay chip free for around 5 days when I use a top coat but if I don't use one, then I can usually get around 2-3 days of wear.

Barry M classic nail polishes retail for just £2.99 a bottle which is amazing considering the quality even out shines some of the more higher end polishes I own.

Are you a fan of Barry M? What is your current favourite nail polish?


  1. I think I wore that colour all winter! And BTW those bed cover are sick!! :D

    1. It's such a gorgeous shade! I think I'll be wearing it all year round (: Isn't it amazing?! I wish I picked it up (: xx


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