Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I love a bit of eyeliner but as I'm not particulary good at it, I don't wear it often. I recently picked up the Supercat eyeliner pen as there was a 3for2 offer on in Boots & I'm so glad I did!

I normally gravitate towards felt-tip style eyeliners as I find them the easiest to use & this one may be the easiest of them all! It has a super fine tip, so I can easily glide it across my lids & have a blacker than black, perfect line in seconds. I usually try to keep my eyeliner on the thin side as I have oily & hooded lids, so I normally get some transfer if I go for a thicker line but no matter what look I go for, this one doesn't transfer, smudge or fade what so ever. With the amazing staying power, I was a little worried it would be a pain to remove & I would have to rub my eyes raw before it budged. I have tried removing it with both my cleanser & miceller water & they both broke it down really easily. 

This has quickly become a firm favourite! It is super pigmented, long lasting & easy to apply. It is decently priced at £6 but as Boots pretty much always have offers on, you may just end up getting it for less. I can't fault this eyeliner one bit, I absolutely adore it!

Have you tried the Supercat Eyeliner Pen? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm rubbish at liquid eyeliner, no matter what I do I can never get both sides even! I might give this a try and see if it helps :) Your hair looks gorgeous in that picture btw lovely! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I have the same problem! One side always looks nicer than the other :( I found it really easy to get them to look the same when I use this though, I hope it works for you to (: Thank you lovely! I recently got a curling wand & it's so easy to use (: xx


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