Hothair Mermaid Ponytail

Monday, 30 March 2015

Most of my life I have always had long hair, so I was never interested in extensions. As my hair is now quite a bit shorter, I thought it would be interesting to see what all the fuss was about. I chose to just get a wrap around ponytail as I normally have my hair up. I really liked the look of the Mermaid Pony, it has a really nice wave to it which is fairly simalair to what my hair used to look like. 

The hair piece is made from from high quality synthetic fibre that feels really soft & looks natural. It features a small comb & a velcro attachment to easily secure it to your ponytail.
I was quite unsure on what colour to get as my hair isn't quite blonde but it isn't quite brown either. Hothair offer a colour match service where you send them a recent photo of yourself so they can match your hair colour to a hair peice. They recommened Strawberry Twist for my hair colour which is a pretty decent match but it does quite a few large sections that are almost a white-blonde colour which I don't have in my hair. 

The hair peice came with pretty simple instructions.

1, Tie your hair into a ponytail
2, Insert the comb into the top of your own ponytail.
3, Wrap the attached slice of hair around & secure with bobby pins.

 I did find it quite difficult to attach the hair peice by myself but I think that may be down to this is my first experiance with any type of hair piece. I asked my boyfriend to attach the hair peice & it didn't seem to take him long at all.

I wore the hair peice for most of the day but it was starting to get really uncomfortable. It didn't seem to sit right & felt quite heavy which resulted in me getting a pretty bad headache. I tried it again a few days later & the same thing happened. I don't think this is down to the hair peice at all as I normally get headaches when I wear headbands for to long.  

The hair peice is great quality & I think it looked pretty nice but it just didn't work for me. Although if you're interested in that type of thing, definitley give it a go because it could work for you. 

*This product featured in this post was gifted to me for consideration of review.


  1. Thank you for sharing this great idea!
    I need to try it, because I'm a huge lover of pony tails!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. I'm gutted it didn't work for me as it is such a fan way to change up your look. Let me know how it works for you (: xx


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