Charity Shop Finds #4

Monday, 23 February 2015

I love a good bargain! So, volunteering at the Barnardos Donation Centre was pretty awesome. The things people donate is quite shocking! Brand new Mulberry bag anyone?! I thought I'd share a few of the things I picked up from there, I don't think this is everything I got but these are the items that came to mind.

Next Tarten/Checked Snood 99p.
99% of the scarfs/snoods I own aren't cold weather appropriate which is baffling as it's pretty much always cold here. The snood is really good quality material - its mostly acrylic but has a little bit of wool & polyester in it. The thing that I like most about this (other than it keeps me warm even on the coldest of days) it doesn't feel uncomfortable when I wrap it around my neck & it's doesn't look silly if I leave it long. 

F&F Rock & Roll Tshirt 99p.
My go to outfit is a tshirt & skinny jeans combo, it's comfortable & depending on what tshirt you wear/how you accsessorise it can go from casual to dressed up. This tshirt is definitely for the casual days! It's a little oversized, super comfy & has a distressed rock & roll logo on the front. I don't know if it's meant to look distressed or it's because of wear but I don't think I would like it as much if it was perfect.

New Look Inspire Striped Tshirt 99p.
I love the look of this tshirt! I am very into navy stripes right now, so I couldn't say no to this. It has super soft material & is a little longer at the back. I'm not sure if I actually like it on though as even though it's my size & isn't tight at all, it doesn't fit as well as I would have liked. The front comes up a little more than I expected. It kinda looks a little unflattering but I have had a few compliments when I wore it so I'm really not sure.

Primark Orange & Navy Colour Block Bag £1.99.
I am always after a new bag - I like ones that are quite long & comfortable to wear on the shoulder or across the body without feeling uncomfortable or heavy if I cram a lot of stuff in it (It always happens). This bag is exactly what I was looking for but what drew me at first was the colour combination, orange & navy isn't something I've seen a lot of. I also really like the the black & gold chain strap, quilted detail & the zip/twist lock combo.

New Look Black & White Aztec Jumper 99p.
I have wanted to update my jumper collection for a while but could never really find anything I liked. I spotted this jumper & fell in love which instantly got crushed when I noticed it was a size 12. It is quite oversized, so I decided to give it a chance & it fits perfectly! It is quite long, still a little oversized on me & it is comfortable to wear alone or layered with other pieces. 

Next Tarten/Checked PJ Set £1.99.
I never really buy myself new pjs, so the ones I have are old, not really cold weather appropriate & mostly don't match. I have never had Next pjs before but the quality seems incredible & they are so soft! I thought the bottoms would fit but was a bit skeptical of the button up top because I usually have to size up a lot for it to fit without popping open but they both fit perfectly with room to spare & keep me so warm! They have quickly become my favourite pjs & I definitely recommend getting a set from Next or if you find some in a charity shop.. SNAP THEM UP!!!

Peacocks Black Leggings 99p.
I am all about comfort & thought nothing would be comfier than a pair of super soft leggings but with the constant "plus sized people shouldn't wear leggings" BS I never felt comfortable getting a pair but when I spotted these ones for 99p I decided that at that price it wouldn't be so bad if I bought them & never wore them outside but after just wearing them around the house & getting changed if I went out I decided to wear what I wanted & not worry that people would judge me for wearing them. I now absolutely adore them & feel rather silly that I didn't wear them sooner! The quality is fantastic, they are super soft, super comforable & don't sheer out at all no matter what I'm doing.

Books 3for99p.
I picked up a few books as I want to start reading more. I did pick up 6 books but two were for other people so I only photographed the ones I picked up for myself.  I picked up Beautiful Creatures, Gone Girl, Is It Just Me? & The Hairy Dieters Recipe Book. I've started reading Is It Just Me? & it is incredibly funny. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book. I definitely recommend it! I'm really excited to cook some things from The Hairy Dieters Recipe Book, I'm not on a diet or trying to loose weight but just enjoy food whether it's healthy or not. Gone Girl & Beautiful Creatures have been on my book wishlist for a while, I am really excited to give them a read.

So, that is everything I have picked up from the Charity Shop recently.

Have you found any bargains from the Charity Shop lately?


  1. You got some lovely bargains. The NEXT pj's look so comfy. I would be all over those! I normally just buy books from my local charity shops but I think I might have to have a rummage in the clothes too see if I can't get some bargaons

    1. Thank you (: They really are! They also keep me nice & warm. I definitely think you should have a look around, there are so many hidden gems to be found (: xx

  2. Such a bargain! I really want to finally read gone girl, need to pick it up x

    1. (: I've read a few pages & it seems really good so far (: xx


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