Messy Bun

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Since cutting my hair quite a bit shorter, I have noticed that I can't just give it a good brushing & let it do it's thing. It seems to curl weirdly at the ends which means that I've gotten my straighteners out a lot more than usual. I don't want to have to use heat on my hair all the time, so I have been rocking a slightly messy bun for a few weeks now. It only takes a few minutes to create which is great for when I've slept in & am rushed for time. I literally throw it into a ponytail, then into a messy bun & pin any stray bits to make it look like a little more effort has gone in haha. My messy buns never look the same, sometimes better..mostly worse. It really is a 'throw it up & play with it until it look alright' type of style which is great for those 'off duty' casual days.
What is your go to hairstyle?


  1. Oh this looks gorgeous on you! I love a sleek, chic updo! xxx


    1. Thank you (: It's such a great style for every occasion & a lifesaver on windy days (: xx


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