Five Favouirte Things #3

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nescafe Gingerbread Latte
I've never been one for seasonal drinks, I tend to stick to what I know I like but when I spotted these a little while ago, I couldn't resist. It is such a warm, comforting flavour which is perfect for cozy nights in while it's cold outside. I mix a dash of milk with the power before adding the hot water & two sugars. It isn't too strong & while the ginger gives a warming kick, it isn't overpowering. I'm so glad I picked them up, I kinda wish I got more than one box though as they have become great little cold morning pick-me-ups.

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts
I become much more of a candle enthusiast when the colder weather comes around. There is nothing better than putting on your favourite pjs, snuggling on the sofa with a hot drink & a beautifully scented wax tart melting away. My favourite scents are Strawberry Buttercream, Salted Caramel & Peppermint Bark. I find that the wax tarts give off a stronger scent than a candle. They are also really easy to change - once the wax tart has solidified, I flip the dish upside down, give it a little tap & it pops out, so you can start a different one in & put the previous one away for another time!

Avatar: The Last Airbender
This is such a great series. The artwork is fantastic, the characters develop nicely throughout, there is plenty of humour, cultural referances, a good dose of sarcasm & well, who doesn't love Appa & Momo?! I also really like that people can manipulate the elements by using different forms of Chinese martial arts to bend them to their will & that there is someone who could master all four elements to basically bring world peace. Overall, it is a great series for children & adults alike.

Rabbit Ring Holder
I have seen a lot of people talking about this little beauty lately & I just had to have it. My local Home Bargains didn't have them for a while but when I went in a few weeks ago, there was a few left. At £2 it was a bargain! It looks lovely sitting on my makeup storage & holds all my rings nicely.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
This is a game that I've not only been enjoying playing alone but it's also super fun to play with other people. You are a hunter who completes quests to fight larger than life monsters. They all have different attacks, locations & specific weaknesses/strengths. With the rewards from capturing/killing the monster you can create incredible armour/weapons & equipment to make the fight easier. The more monsters you defeat, there will be more amour/weapon options. I personally like the Azure Rathalos armour & the Duel Blades. What I like most about this game is that you have to gather ingredients yourself to make the items you want, there are shops available but they may not have the specific item you want. Also, the shakalaka's are adorable & quite helpful when it comes to battles.

So, those are my Five Favourite Things. What have you been loving lately? 


  1. I adore your ring holder, it's so cute! <3

    1. Isn't it lovely (: It was a bargain at £2 to, they are so expensive online :/ xx

  2. I NEED to get nescafe gingerbread it sounds amazing and we love watching avatar at home haha xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. It is absolutely delicious (:
      Isn't it a great series (: We have finished it now, need to find another series to watch (: xx


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