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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hey Dolls.
This year I am making my dad a stocking as he hasn't had one since he was a child & I personally adore them. I was having one of my usual ebay searches for meaningful things I could put in his stocking & I found these photo keyrings. I have already wrapped & put away the ones I ordered for my dad but as I was so impressed with them, I ordered a few more. I thought I'd show you my ones from my boyfriend & my niece & nephews as all the other ones I ordered are gifts for other people & I don't want to include them just incase they read this. 

The keyrings are from a seller called cgiepos

You can either select from the provided message & who it's to options or you can create a custom order. There is also an option to choose the colours of the text which I think is a really nice touch. When I first clicked on the link I thought I'd have to print & insert the photo myself but they do it all for you. All you have to do is email them the photos you want to use & they print it on to high quality photo paper & send it in it's own little plastic wrapper to keep the keyring safe from scratches.

Another little touch that I was really impressed with is that if you want to see what the keyrings will look like before they are sent to you, just send them a quick message & they will happily show you.

I have been incredibly impressed with all the keyrings I have ordered. The quality is absolutely amazing! I can't fault a single thing about them. I am so impressed, I already have plans to order more as they make great gifts for any occasion.
 The keyrings are £2.50 each & have a buy 2 get 1 free offer.
All you need to do is add 3 keyrings to your basket, after ordering them send cgiepos a message telling them what you want the text & colours to be & then email them the photos you want to use. They give excellent customer service & I'd recommend them to anyone.

You can find the keyrings here


  1. That's absolutely lovely I always make my bf a stocking I just think having lots of little presents to open is so fun xx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. (: I really like adding meaningful gifts to stockings (: It really is, I always get so excited (: xx


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