Loving Lately #5

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
Today I'm going to talk about a few products that I have been usually pretty much everyday. I featured the Mac lipstick a little while ago but I adore it so much that I couldn't resist putting it in.

I am a shower gel hoarder..especially if there is pretty packaging involved. I am a huge Imperial Leather fan & these have to be the best thing they have ever brought out. The foambursts have a thick gel like consistency but when you lather them up, the gel slowly but surely becomes a white foam...think of shaving foam but the scents are a lot nicer. I have two of the scents, they are very true to what they're supposed to be. After using these I am left with seriously soft & beautifully scented skin. Also if you have run out of shaving gel/foam, you can just use these. Bonus!

I go through a huge amount of cotton pads because before I use a cleanser, I like to take the majority of my make up off with mircellar water. When using these oval cotton pads, the amount I use is cut down by more than half. They are double sided & rather large so you can use both sides on one for your eyes & then the same with your face. I have saved some pennies from using these as they don't run out as fast. One gripe I do have with them is that they aren't as soft as the small circle cotton pads but they get the job done.

When this first came out, I searched high & low for it but struggled to get my hands on it. When I did manage to pick it up, it became my face's best friend for a long time but as I bought new things...sadly it got sent to the back of the make up drawer & has only made it's way back into my make up bag now. The palette contains three beautiful, finely milled blushes that are incredibly pigmented & apply like a dream. My favourite shade has to be the middle one - Guipure. It is a peachy pink shade with gold shimmer running through it.

Mac Up The Amp. 
Everytime I have worn lipstick for the last two weeks, this has been the what I've reached for. Up The Amp is a deep lavender shade from the Amplified Creme range. It glides onto the lips with ease, feels very hydrating & lasts all day. The colour payoff is also great, one sweep & you have full on intense colour. I also really that when the lipstick does start to fade, it leaves a beautiful stain on the lips.

Another product that was sadly cast away to the back of my make up drawer. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure why. I have recently brought it back out & I have fallen in love with it. It applies like a dream, it feels very creamy so there is no pulling/tugging at the eyes. The colour also looks really natural, it does an amazing job at brightening the eyes & stays in place all day. This liner can also be used to cover blemishes & line your lips.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I loooove the imperial leather foam bursts they are so fun but smell amazing too!!! I must get some more sleek products after seeing this post too xxx

    1. Aren't they amazing (:
      I love that they can be used to wash & shave. My legs have never felt so soft!
      Sleek are such a great brand, the blush by 3 - lace has to be my favourite, the shades are stunning (: xx

  2. Some great products in this post but I particularly love the look of the lippy - of course.
    One to add to the wish list



    1. It's such an amazing lipstick, really creamy & pigmented (: xx


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