Five Favourite Things #2

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hey Dolls.
So today is going to be another Five Favourite Things post. These posts are about favourites that aren't beauty related. I like to do them in fives because it's not so recently become a favourite number. So..yeah..let's get started.

Grimm Season 1, Season 2 & Aunt Marie's Book Of Lore | My boyfriend & I have really been enjoying watching this. Basically, Nick is descended from a line of "guardians" known as "Grimms", charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world. Matt kindly bought me Aun't Marie's Book Of Lore which is supposed to be the book from the show. It has a lot of information about the creatures from the show & it's awesome.

Speaker | I've wanted something like this for a while, I really like to listen to music when I do my makeup but I always ended getting foundation over my earphones. The speaker is really good quality, the charge lasts for such a long time & it's just amazing.

Marvel Pjs | You might have seen this in my last Primark haul. They are super comfy, wash really well & well..who doesn't love marvel?!

Wreck This Journal | I've wanted this for such a long time but when I finally got it, I was a little hesitant to start as I like my books to be pristine for as long as possible. I still have a few pages to complete but I've had so much fun with it. 

Pokemon X | Oh my goodness! Where do I even start?! My boyfriend & I have gotten into the habit of playing Pokemon together. Like last time he played Pokemon White & I then played Pokemon Black. This time he had Y & obviously I had X. It's an amazing game, I espeically love interacting with the pokemon in your team. Adorable! There is also a ton of new pokemon to catch & the gym's are pretty great to. I've finished the story now but I will definitely be re starting as it is just one of those games you can play over & over!
So those are a few of my non-beauty favourites. What are your five favourite things?


  1. LOVE the pjs so much, I want them xxx

    1. They are from Primark (: I think it was around £5 for the set, they are so comfy (: xx


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