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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hey Dolls.
I recently bought a beautiful necklace from Etsy after someone linked Aubergine Fox on twitter & as I love it so much..I just had to share it with you. 

The pendant is gold plated & has been cut into a rough triangle shape. It has beautiful amethyst crystals & a 65cm gold chain. It has been beautifully made & adds a unique touch to any outfit. 

When I received the necklace, it was beautifully wrapped in purple paper & there was also two drumsticks inside the package. This was such an amazing touch for me as one of my favourite colours is purple & I adore lollies.

I wanted to add a little more infomation about the shop so I asked Katie a few questions on twitter.

Why did you start your shop? 
Firstly, I decided to make it really because I'm graduating soon and it's been something I've been interested in for years but never had the courage to do! I felt like if I don't do it before I leave I probably never will once I'm working full time, so I just went ahead!

What inspires your designs?  
There are SO many things and people that inspire my designs! I get a lot of inspiration from blogs & from people specialising in typography. I've always loved typography, it was something I specialised in during A level art, and just seeing amazing works can trigger off new ideas

What is it like to have your own business?
Also running your own business isn't nearly as terrifying or as daunting as I thought! Running it with someone else makes it easier but I would definitely recommend if you want to sell something, do it! It's so rewarding when customers love your work, making people happy is the best part about it! My only warning is to be quite firm. At times, I want to please people and my profit can run low because I offer prices lower than I should be offering. Making people as happy as possible can be addictive, but make sure you're looking after yourself. I've definitely made losses on orders because I've been so keen to make things perfect and sometimes forget to pay for me own time, so don't undersell yourself.

What is your favourite item that is currently on your shop? 
 I have a bit of a soft spot for my wood pencil collections, particularly the mint and gold ones! I think it might be because they were also one of my first collections I did!

Aubergine fox sell a range of products from jewellery to homeware to accessories to notebooks & pencils. I definitely recommend you check them out.



  1. This is absolutely stunning and unique I am off to shop- thank you! xx

    1. No problem lovely (:
      It is an incredible necklace & great quality,
      They have some amazing items, I'm definitely going back soon (: xx


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