Guerlain Terra Tropica Sun Light Duo Bronzing Powder

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hey Dolls.
Today I want to talk about the most beautiful product I have ever laid my eyes on. I recently won a Dave Lackie twitter competition & the product I won is the Guerlain Terra Tropica Sun Light Duo Bronzing Powder. Holy crap on a cracker! This baby is beautiful. I don't think I have ever loved a product THIS much.

Sorry about the photo's, the sun kept going in & out -.-

What Guerlain Say:
TERRA TROPICA reproduces the flattering aura of the light reflecting on skin at sunrise and sunset. As a precious talisman, it is engraved with two suns and combines a duo of shades to ensure a subtle and dazzling healthy glow. The bronzing powder gently warms up the complexion while the soft blush cleverly flushes the cheeks.

The bronzing duo comes packaged in a matte black compact which includes a massive mirror. The packaging feels quite sturdy & has a nice little clicking sound when you close it. It has Terracotta embossed on to the front of the compact but unfortunately because it's black on black, I couldn't get it to show in the photo.

The bronzing powder contains a peach blush, a bronzer & a gold highlighter. The gold highlighter does ware off after a few uses which is a shame as they give such a beautiful finish to the skin when used alone as a highlight. In the pan the bronzer looks very dark for my pale skintone but when lightly dusted onto the skin, it gives the most beautiful subtle bronzed glow. The peachy blush adds a lovely heathly glow to the cheeks, it is definitely a shade I reach for when I'm going for a 'my skin but better' make up look.

Both blush & bronzer are big enough to use on their own or you can use a large fluffy brush to mix them together to add a peachy sunkissed look to the skin. They both blend like a dream & you only need to use a small amount as they have incredible pigmentation. The bronzing duo does contain subtle gold shimmer but when applied it isn't just adds to that healthy glow. I have been mostly using the bronzer to lightly contour & I've been dusting it lightly onto my temples & jawline. What I love most about this product is that it lasts all day without becoming patchy or irritating my skin as from as far as I can tell, it has no scent. If I'm not swirling the products together, I have only been using the golden highlighter on my cheekbones as I think it may be a bit to much for the inner corner/brow bone but it is incredibly beautiful. I love the look of a golden highlight with subtly bronzed skin.

All in all, I adore it. The quality, design & how much of a difference it makes to my skin is just phenomenal. I love how subtle it is but can be built up to be more intense if needed, I also think it would suite a range of skintones & I just love it. I literally cannot say a bad word about it because it's just that amazing.

The Guerlain Terra Tropica Sun Light Duo Bronzing Powder will be available to buy in July I believe. I've done a little research & I think it's going to be around the £40-£45 mark.

Are you a fan of Guerlain? What products would you recommend? 


  1. Hi Ash,

    What a beautful bronzing powder !
    Could you post a picture of the ingredient list please ?



    1. It really is lovely (:
      I don't currently have it as I have left it at a friends house but I'm sure if you google it, you can find the ingredients (: xx


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