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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hey Dolls.
A major part of my everyday routine is to make my lips are soft, smooth & moisturised. I suffer with dry lips & more often that not, it's a huge pain in the ass but there are two products - one more recently acquired that the other that have become daily staples. 

 Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
 This scrub is amazing! It smells & tastes exactly like a mix between salty & sweet popcorn - which is amazing because I adore both. The scrub is very fine & works well on both dry & moist lips. It contains sugar, sea salt, coconut & jojoba oil to buff away any nasty bits & leave your lips feeling smooth & soft.

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm
 This lip balm smells incredible! It contains Honey, White Chocolate, Shea Butter, Vanilla & Beeswax - aswell as a few other things. It is quite solid but once it comes in contact with skin, your body heat melts it. Making it a utter dream to work into the lips, it leaves them feeling smooth, soft, moisturised & protected all day long. 

My lips have never felt better. I haven't been using the lip balm long but I have seen a huge improvement in the softness of my lips.
I now have three flavours of the lip scrub, Mint Julips is still a firm favourite but Popcorn has definitely come close to taking the top spot.

If you suffer with dry lips, I definitely recommend these two products. They are both made with 100% Natural Ingredients & do not test on animals. 

Are you a fan of Lush? What lip scrub is your favourite?


  1. I keep forgetting about my LUSH lip scrub I have the bubblegum one which I like but Im wanting to try this Popcorn one next. I think they're a great way of keeping lips smooth & soft

  2. They really are amazing (: They do such an amazing job for my dry lips (: I definitely recommend the Popcorn one, it's so lovely (: xx

  3. Lush lip scrubs are the best! I own the Bubblegum one and my boyfriend always tries to run off with it and eat it

    Emily xxxx

  4. They really are :D Haha thankfully my boyfriend only likes the scent but not the taste. I need to try the bubblegum one, sounds lovely (: xx


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