Orange Ombré

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Light Grey Tee - Primark 
Dark Blue Skinnies - Primark
Cream & Orange Ombre Cardigan - Asos
Black Flats - New Look
Black Satchel - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark 

As you can see I am loving Primark lately, everything is such great quality & so comfy. The satchel is incredible, it holds so many things & has a few compartments so I can separate things accordingly. I also like that it comes with a handle & a long strap to put on your shoulder. The cardigan from Asos is great for all weathers, it is quite thick but as it's open knit it doesn't get to warm.

My hair has been washed this morning so it looks a little lifeless that & it is long overdue for a cut..which I will do...soon.   



  1. Primark really do have some great buys - although I have noticed their prices are creeping up and quality is going down just lately - not too impressed. But I still buy from there as I can't afford to buy clothes elsewhere haha!

    Love your cardigan, the colours are really pretty :)

    Also, how long is your hair?! I'm very jealous.

    Great outfit post, you should definitely do more soon.

    Laura - Laura's All Made Up ♥

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  2. I've noticed that to :( I mostly buy from Primark, I love Asos but only get things when they are in the sale or I have a voucher. Clothing can be so expensive D: I also love charity shops, you wouldn't believe what people give away. When I volunteered I saw so many brand new Topshop goodies.

    It's from Asos, I'm not sure if they stock it now but I hope it comes back as they had a gorgeous blue one to.

    My hair used to be so much down to my bum haha but I had it cut & didn't look after it properly for so long that it hasn't really grown back :( I'm gonna get it cut soon & give it the love it needs, so hopefully it will grow a little more.

    Thank you lovely (:
    I don't really think I wear anything interesting. I'm a jeans & a tshirt kinda girl haha
    I have another one in mind but I just need time to have the photos taken. My boyfriend does them haha (:

    Ash xx


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