A Trip To The Museum

Saturday, 15 March 2014

 Hey Dolls.
On Wednesday Matt had an appointment so I decided to tag along as I had nothing to do until the afternoon. As Matt's appointment finished earlier then we thought, we decided to pop into the museum & have a little look around before catching the train home. I only took a few photos as some of the things were restricted but we still had a lovely time so I thought I'd share the photos with you.

There was one other photo but for some reason it looked incredibly flat..like I had taken a photo of a photo :/

I really enjoy looking around museum's, It's something we have never done together. We also popped into the gift shop where I bought my dad a WWII pin & some toffee waffles for myself which weren't very nice. Matt bought me & his mum a beautiful bracelet each, himself a pen & his dad a WWII medal. Everything was so lovely in the gift shop & I'm glad I got a souvenir of our little day out. I didn't get Matt anything from the museum because well there wasn't really anything he wanted so I treated him to a nice dinner from the fish shop. You're probably thinking that's not much of a treat but Matt & I don't eat out often..pretty much never so it was very nice.

I feel like I'm rambling a bit so I think I'll end the post here. All in all, Matt & I had a lovely day out considering both out appointments made the day seem a bit dull.

Have you had a nice day out lately?


  1. Is this Cardiff museum? I love it there! Glad you had a nice day :)
    Sally Says Beauty xx

  2. It is (: It is really lovely there, must go again (: xx

  3. I went there the other day. I was supposed to be looking at the art for inspiration but ended up spending most of my time by the wooly mammoth haha xx

  4. It's so lovely there (: The wooly mammoth was probably my favourite thing there (: xx


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