Real Techniques Core Collection

Monday, 17 February 2014

Hey Dolls.
After reading a million & one reviews about the Core Collection, I had to get my hands on it. I have been using it for quite some time now, so I thought I'd finally share my thoughts with you.

The Core Collection contains 4 synthetic brushes. They come with a black panoramic case that you can store your brushes in when your traveling. All the Real Technique Brushes are colour coordinated so you know what they are for - In this case, the brushes from the starter set are gold.   
Detailer Brush 
I use this to blend eyeshadow primer, I find it does a better job than my finger. It is quite slim & has lots of densely packed bristles so it holds shape well.
Pointed Foundation Brush
I use this to blend concealer, liquid highlighter etc. It feels a lot harder then the other it is doesn't have as much give so it's perfect for blending products into the harder to reach areas.
Contour Brush
I use this to contour my nose, cheekbones & jawline. It is slightly domed & very fluffy so as I'm applying the product, it is also blending it out. 
Buffing Brush
I use this to buff my foundation into my skin. It is quite large & fluffy so it doesn't take long to achieve a flawless base. I also find that I use less foundation when I use this - it doesn't seem to suck up foundation like a few of my other brushes do.
All in all, this set is amazing! Like all Real Techniques brushes, they can be used for a whole number of things. The quality is also incredible, they are super soft & quite affordable. Definiety worth a try.
Are you a fan of Real Techniques?


  1. Oh my goodness I want to try this so bad!

  2. Great review, thanks for sharing! As a beauty blogger i am ashamed to say ive never tried RT brushes, but this set is at the top of my shopping list for payday!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  3. Holly - It is such an amazing set, I'd definitely recommend it (: xx

    Josie - Thank you (: You definitely should! Amazon usually have loads of great offers on RT brushes. The Core Collection is such a great set, I now use all the brushes everyday (: xx

  4. I love Real Techniques brushes, they're so affordable and really good quality too xx

    Gemma //

  5. They really are (: They are the best brushes I've ever used & they are super soft (: xx


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