Photographs #2

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hey Dolls.
Today I thought I would share some photographs I have taken throughout the last few weeks. I shall point out that they are not ridiculously exciting... I just like taking photographs of everything.

Found some old photographs of my dad when he was younger & my bampi & his friend. | Fishtail Braid | Boyfriends mum bought me a gingerbread man ^ ^ | Five seconds of blue sky before it started to rain | Vases & fake roses from the boyfriend for Valentines Day 2012 | Boyfriends cat playing with an empty Coke box | My dog Shakey, I think he sneezed. Bless him! | My other dog Leo. Such a cutie! | My first two purchases from Illamasqua (:

Are you an avid photographer?

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