Mini Make Up

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hey Dolls.
I was getting quite annoyed with how noisy the jar I keep my cotton pads in is, I usually don't go to bed until very late so I really don't want to be making a ton of noise just to remove my make up. I decided to find another use for the jar, I thought about all the mini products I have laying around. I own two Benefit sets even though I adore them I find the products don't get used enough because they are hidden away in the packaging. The only problem is the Benefit sets have a few products that are just in pans & I have no where to put them. It would have been much better if they were in their own little cases. I also have a few mini products in my make up drawers & they are usually buried under everything else. So I put all the mini products in the jar & I really like how it looks, they are all in one place so I can just quickly grab something.

How do you store all your mini products?


  1. A great idea! I actually keep the majority of my beauty products in the Ikea Moppe mini drawers chest which my mum got me for my Birthday :) It has various sized drawers so it's great for both larger and smaller products. I'm yet to decide which colour to paint it as it's still the dull wood colour.

    Peach Pow XO

  2. Thats a cute storage idea - I keep samples (sachets) in a box & small tubes or makeup in a draw. I like the idea of keeping them in a jar where I can see them

  3. Tamsyn - Thank you (: Ooh, I have had my eye on the Moppe drawers, do you have any photos of it? (: xx

    Vicki - Thank you (: I also keep sachets in a box, don't get used much aha (: Since putting the products in the jar, I found I have been reaching for them more (: xx


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