Rocking The Quiff

Friday, 7 February 2014

Hey Dolls.
I haven't worn my hair like this for quite a while mostly because all my bobby pins vanish, I have recently located some of them & thought I would attempt to rock it again. I usually wear it with a fishtail braid but I only had time to throw my hair into a ponytail.

Products Used :
Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush
Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle

Take the section of hair that you want to be the quiff, tease until you have the desired effect.
Spray a little backcomb in a bottle & give a little ruffle.
Pull hair back until you have the desired shape & secure with bobby pins.
[Optional] Spay a little more backcomb in a bottle to add extra texture.

I usually wear my hair in a ponytail or side fishtail braid with I rock the quiff.

What is your favourite hairstyle?



  1. You look lovely, this hairstyle really suits you :) x


  2. this really suits you, looks gorgeous xxx

  3. Thank you so much hun (: xx


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