Mua Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Reckless

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hey Dolls.
When I saw that Mua had come out with the Luxe range, I had to get my hands on some so I was very excited when I received a few products for Christmas. Today I thought I would share my thoughts on the Mua Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Reckless. Mua are an amazing brand so I did have high hopes for this & thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

I adore the packaging! The lacquers come in a frosted plastic tube & has a black lid with gold writing. 

Reckless is a gorgeous dark vampy red, the formula is quite thick & is highly pigmented so you only need one coat for an opaque finish. It comes with a doe foot applicator, which gives precise application. I find that it has just the right amount of product onto the applicator for one nice even coat. Once dry it gives a beautiful velvety matte finish, which doesn't dry out the lips or feel heavy - I actually forgot a few times that I was wearing anything at all. It takes a minute or two to fully dry but that gives enough time to fix any mistakes because once it's dry it' not going anywhere! No smudging, bleeding or transferring at all. It lasts all day, you may see a little wear when you have eaten or drank something but I personally don't mind touching up every hour or so. I will say it took a little while to take it off, I did have to have a firmer hand when removing it but it didn't leave my lips feeling sore so it wasn't that much of a bother.

All in all, Mua have wowed me again. It is not a secret that I adore them, they are such an amazing affordable brand. I highly recommend trying the lip lacquers & pretty much every other product. 

The lip lacquers come in five shades - Kooky, Criminal, Funk, Atomic & Reckless & they are a bargain at only £3 each.

Are you a fan of lip lacquers? Do you enjoy a matte finish?
What are your thoughts on the Luxe range?


  1. I have seen quite a few rave reviews of these Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers - they're so pigmented and glossy. I need to get a few of these

  2. I love MUA, and this range looks great. I haven't seen it in my local Superdug yet but hopefully we'll get it soon x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. Vicki - They are really lovely, I may pick up another shade or two (: I love the matte finish (: xx

    Claire - Me to (: It is, the power brow is my favourite so far (: I haven't seen it in my local superdrug either, I would love to get more from the range so hopefully it will be there soon (: xx

  4. Wow this stuff is so pigmented, I do like a good matte lip and for the price I will definitely be picking this stuff up :p xx


  5. It really is (: they have some gorgeous shades (: Let me know what you think when you purchase it (: xx


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