Christmas 2013 Photographs

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hey Dolls
I thought I would show you a few snaps from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (:

Origins Bauble | My favourite snowman mug filled with hot chocolate | The cards my boyfriend & I got for eachother | My tree | My boyfriend & I | My nephews, niece & I | Robin pjs & Reindeer slippers | My nail art was featured on Asos | Little pamper evening on Christmas Eve | My sister & I | My dad & I | My nail art for Christmas | Lots of presents for my loved ones | Christmas cards of Robyn & Asos | Snowman Donut | A little gingerbread man my nephews made for my sisters tree | My stockings from my parents & Matt | Mum & I 

I have had such a lovely time with my family, my boyfriend & his family. We visted my sister & her children & I absolutely loved watching my nephews & niece open & look so happy & excited for their gifts. I also received some lovely gifts that I am so grateful for. This time of year is definitely my favourite, everyone is so happy & I love treating my loved ones to lots of lovely things.

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas. Did you get up to much? 


  1. Aww glad you had a lovely christmas Ash, I just relaxed and spent time with my family, this really is the best time of year I agree x


  2. (: That sounds lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas to (: xx


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