Wishlist #12

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hey Dolls.
I am definely a high street make up girl but occasionally I decide to purchase some more expensive products. As I'm on a spending ban until December I can't do that, so I thought I'd put together a wishlist of things I'm currently lusting after. 

Most of the products I'm lusting after are from Urban Decay, I have a few things from them & I adore everything. They are amazing quality & the packaging is so lovely.

I have a love hate relationship with Mac, I haven't tried any products from them because from some of the reviews I've read I sometimes feel like they are just an overpriced, over hyped brand but I have done a bit more research on the two products featured & I really think I would like them. 

If you have tried any of the products mentioned, please let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Are you lusting after anything?



  1. I think UD have so many amazing products. Their eyeshadows are great quality & I use my Naked Palettes all the time.
    Mac do amazing shadows too & what an incredible range of colours. I get overwhelmed in store & always seem to pick up the same colours. Cranberry looks like a gorgeous winter berry shade!

  2. I have the naked basics palette & that is so amazing, I am planning on getting the naked palette sometime after my spending ban. They look so beautiful (:
    I have seen so many amazing looks done with cranberry that I actually feel like I need it. (: xx


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