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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hey Dolls.
Today I was looking on Etsy for some Christmas gifts & I may have stumbled across a few things I definitely need in my life.

I adore rings, so when I saw these gorgeous chevron rings & an adorable fox ring I knew they had to be added to my wishlist asap! 

I am a huge Harry Potter fan so when I came across this butterbeer candle, I may have squealed with joy. It is a little pricey as it has to be sent from America but it's definitely worth it.

I love Batman & I must admit this cushion gave me a few giggles.

Do you shop on Etsy? Have you found any must have items?


  1. This is literally perfect!
    The rings are stunning & Harry Potter is my biggest obsession AMAZING- thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks lovely (:
    I like how the rings are quite simple but would really add something extra to an outfit (:
    & I adore Harry Potter, I have a deathly hallows necklace from Kukee & I looove it (: xx

  3. Love the chevron rings, such a good price as well! Josie xxx


  4. They really are lovely (: I have rings like this that have been so overpriced. Definitely can't wait to get them after my spending ban (: xx

  5. I absolutely love Etsy and you can find so many fab and unique things on there, it's great for Christmas presents :) x

  6. They really do have some amazing things,they have lots of things that would make great stocking fillers xx


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