What I've Bought #11

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have picked up a few non beauty related items not so recently & I have finally liked the photos enough to share them with you. As much as I adore the Autumn/Winter seasons, taking photos can be so difficult sometimes.

New Look.

I only bought two things from New Look as most of the things I wanted were out of stock.

I have never really been a hat person but when I saw this beauty I had to have it. It is so soft & well made, it is comfy to wear & it is perfect for the winter months as it keeps your head nice & warm. This hat comes in 6 colours altogether - Black, Grey, Cream, Beige, Teal & Burgundy & retails for £5.99.

I have become a little obsessed with rings lately & I really wanted some nice fingertip ones that would also look nice stacked so when I saw these on the New Look website I couldn't say no. They are a set of 3 beautiful Gold, Silver & Rose Gold pointed rings that are well made & sit nicely on the fingers. They are such a bargain at £2.99.


I have wanted this ring for a while but I just never seemed to pick it up so when I was recently browsing Kukee, I noticed it had gone down to a £1. Bargain! I was going to get the gold version as well but it wasn't in stock. The ring is black with a matte finish, it is amazing quality & is adjustable. It fits nicely on a few of my fingers without the need to adjust but it is a nice feature to have.

I have really wanted some statement pieces in my jewelry collection, so when I spotted this bracelet I knew it would the perfect item to add something a little extra to any outfit. The bracelet is acrylic & is in the shade gunmetal. I am really impressed with the quality & I am really tempted to get the gold & silver versions to.

As soon as I spotted this necklace, I fell in love. I have been looking for a statement necklace for quite a while but haven't really been impressed with the offerings I've seen. This necklace is absolutely gorgeous & looks great under collars or just on plain tee's. It has a multi tone feature, it goes from silver to gunmetal & then to gold. I adore it so much, I haven't taken it off since I got it. The quality is incredible & it is comfortable to wear. 

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter so when I spotted this I had to have it, I didn't look at the price I just picked the antique gold version & added it to my basket. I love this necklace so much, it is amazing quality & is such a quirky piece to have in your collection. What makes me love this necklace even more is that it is handmade & not shipped in for the shop. It is such a perfect present for any Harry Potter fan, they also do it in a antiqued silver version but I think the gold version makes it look a little more...old? Like it has been passed down through millions of wizard families..ツ

These two things were from the lovely boyfriend & my parents. 

I 'Mustache' You A Question Travel Mug.
 Quite a while ago now Matt & I went into B&M before an appointment & he kindly bought me this lovely travel mug. I adore mustaches & drink quite a few hot drinks but I always complain that they always end up going cold before I can finish them. This mug is ceramic & is amazing at keeping my lovely tea warm for a long period of time & I no longer have to worry if any cat hair has gone in it. Bonus! This was £2.99.

Mustache Ice Cube Tray.
 My lovely parents brought this home for me as I paid for them to have a lovely day out together for their anniversary next month. I adore mustaches & I am still rather amused about having mustache shaped ice cubes but unfortunately I may have to wait until it warms up a bit before I can use this as it has gotten so cold. They wouldn't tell me how much it was but they did tell me it was from B&M.

So that's everything from my little haul, this will be the last one for quite a while as I have recently started my spending ban. I would like to say that everything was bought before the spending ban started.

Have you bought any goodies recently? 


  1. Love that hat, I'm such a hat person!
    I need that deathly hallows necklace in my life!

  2. It's amazing & great for this cold weather (:
    I adore it (: It also comes in silver (: xx

  3. You got some gorgeous things, I love your hat - it's so cute! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Thank you lovely (: It's the only hat that I think looks good on me aha, it is so comfy to wear & has come in handy for days where my hair doesn't look it's best aha (: xx

  5. Those moustache things are perfection! Haha so in love!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  6. I adore them (: The travel mug is amazing at keeping hot drinks warmer for longer (: xx


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