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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hey Dolls.
This is the second post in my Christmas Gift Idea's series, I am going to be sharing what I think would be good stocking fillers for any male you have in your life  - the stocking could be for your son, brother, boyfriend/husband, flatmate etc.

I have actually bought this for my boyfriends stocking, It's a great way of keeping important things backed up & well..what man doesn't love Ninja's?!

Again I have bought this for my boyfriends stocking, this coat hook would be a great way to personalize his space but also make sure his coat is kept of the floor/chair.

 I think these pocket size Lynx sprays are really handy as the man in your life can pop one in his pocket to make sure he smells good all day & he also gets to try out multiple scents.

Now, I added this because well farts are really funny & as I have mainly male friends I know most of them would have a good ten minutes of fun with this. It's just a silly gift that would brighten anyone's day.

I think mugs are good for any occasion, if the man in your life likes a good cuppa then this would be perfect for him.

Now, I know games can be quite pricy but if you keep an eye out for any sales, offers etc. I'm sure you can find an awesome game that he would love. Whether it's just a silly game you can play together or a game he has had his eye on for a while.

Are you having a stocking this year? Or are you making one for someone? 


  1. Great post, I struggle with men the absolute most! I did my boyfriend a stocking last year and it went down a treat, so hoping to follow suit this year too,

  2. Thanks lovely (: Me to, they seem to be so fussy aha This is the first tear that I'm doing my boyfriend a stocking, I will definitely be doing it next year to. Its so much fun (: xx

  3. always find it so difficult to buy for boys, this has given me some ideas :) xx

  4. The amp mug is so cute! So hard buying men presents, I'm thinking of doing a stocking for my boyfriend xxx

  5. Lucy - Me to D: I'm glad it helped hun (:

    Josie - It really is, I kinda wanna get it for myself aha. It's so much fun, lots of little presents to get them more into the Christmas mood (: xx


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