Winter Warmers

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hey Dolls.
As it is absolutely freezing here in Wales, I thought I'd talk about the things that keep me all warm & cosy.

excuse the makeup less face & slightly damp hair (:

Leopard Onsie.
You will never see me in a onsie outside but when it's time for bed or I'm not planning on getting dressed that day, I will most likely have this on. It makes me so warm & cosy & has adorable ears on the hood ^-^ But I will say that it isn't very nice when you need to go to the toilet as your whole body is practically exposed.

Faux Leather Jacket.
This is my go to jacket of choice if I need to go out, it's quite thick so it really keeps the warmth in even if it's left undone.

Burgundy Bobble Hat
I'm usually not one for hats as I don't think they look right on me but this hat is an exception, it is so soft, keeps me so warm all day & stays put over my ridiculous amount of hair.

Racoon Flip Top Gloves.
My hands get super cold but I still need to be able to use my hands so these gloves are perfect. They are fingerless but have a little mitten style flap that has an adorable racoon face on it. They are so soft & really keep the warmth in.

Fluffy Socks.
Like my hands, my feet also get super cold so wearing a cosy pair of socks is a must. They are so comfy, soft & so lovely to wear this time of year as they warm your feet up nicely.

Ugg Style Boots.
I adore these & I have had a fair few pairs over the last few years. I wear them pretty much all year round but mostly everyday in the A/W months. I'll wear them around the house & if I'm going out somewhere because they are just so comfy & as I tend to wear more casual outfits they go with nearly everything I own. As mine are lined with faux fur my feet stay nice & warm all day.

So they are all my essential winter warmers, what are your go to clothing/accessory items for the colder months?

Also today is my birthday. Yay (:


  1. Happy Birthday! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please visit this post to see the details!

    I saw those gloves in Primark the other day along with some foxy ones. They're adorable but are surplus to my glove requirements.

    Love Jo from Hurricane Venus.

  2. Thank you lovely (:

    I'm really fussy with gloves & only wear them when my hands get super cold. xx

  3. Lovely cosy picks! Nothing better than wrapping up in cute bits of clothing, a love a day off 'dressy' clothes xx

  4. Thanks lovely (: There really isn't, I love being comfy in the winter xx

  5. Seriously considering buying a onesie, they look so damn cosy! Love the gloves by the way, adorable! xx Emmi


  6. You really should, they are so comfy & keep me lovely & warm (: Thanks lovely (: xx


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