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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have seen this tag on youtube quite a lot now so as I adore Autumn, I had to do it (:

I am going to change 'fall' to 'autumn' in the questions because we call it autumn in the UK but the title wouldn't have made sense if I changed it so I left it as fall.

The questions:

1. What autumn trend are you most excited for?
 I don't really follow trends but I adore monochrome, I don't know if that's 'in' this year but yeah.

2. What is your favorite autumn beauty product?
 I adore berry lips & dark nail polish, I tend to wear this all year round but there's something about autumn that makes me want to be extra vampy.

3. What is your favourite autumn drink?
 I adore tea - iced tea, camomile tea, green tea, a normal brew etc. I love it!

4. What is your favourite autumn scent?
Perfume - I have been loving Taylor Swift Wonderstuck Enchanted, it a muskier sexier older version of Wonderstuck. Candle | I adore the Vanilla Chai wax tart from Yankee Candle, it is the perfect scent to wrap up & relax to.

5. Which autumn trend do you hate?
Tartan! I have seen it everywhere lately, I really really dislike it & massive coats, I don't understand why girls want to wear coats that swamp them. :/

6. What is your halloween costume this year?
I won't be dressing up this year, I'm a bit to old to go trick or treating but if anyone is having a 'grown up' party I think I would either be Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd or Poison Ivy from Batman.

7. What is your favourite autumn song?
I don't have a particular song that I listen to in autumn but I have been loving Katy Perry - Roar, most of Demi Lovato - Without The Love, Fire Starter, Really Don't Care & Two Pieces & Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball lately.

 8. What is your favourite halloween candy?
 I'm really not a sweets kinda person but I do quite like fizzy cola bottles.

So that's all the questions, I hope you enjoyed this tag. If you do this tag, make sure to link me in the comments, I adore reading people's answers (:


  1. Wonderful post! I enjoyed reading your answers :)



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