What I've Bought #9

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
Over the last few weeks I have picked up a few things, I have also bought some clothes/accessories but I thought I'd do a separate post on those & just keep this one to beauty. I have only tried out a few things, everything else had to be photographed before I used them so they were all lovely & new but I will be doing full reviews on most of the products so I wont be going into to much detail in this post.

I have recently been loving Boots & I really want to start using my advantage card more because it just sits in my purse collecting dust, so when I noticed they had the Benefit How to be the best at everything set in stock...I put it in my basket quicker than girls can swoon over Harry Styles [I don't see it :/] The set has quite a few products, you get a mini porefessional, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation - Cheers To Me, Boi-ing Concealer in Hello Flawless & Me Vain & a Pressed Powder in Champagne. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed with is how orange the foundation looks in the bottle but it may be lovely when applied so fingers crossed. I am really excited to try all the lovely things in this set.

I also made an order on Lush as they had their Christmas stuff in, I picked up Sandy Santa which is a body butter/sugar scrub, Snow Fairy which is a sweet scented shower gel & Santa's Lip Scrub which smells & tastes like cola..Yum! I can't wait to use these, they all smell absolutely amazing.

I have been quite obsessed with Asos lately, I have visited their website everyday since I won the £40 voucher ages ago. I noticed they were having a 50% off on their beauty bits so it would be rude to say no. I picked up the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover as I have been painting my nails nearly everyday & go through cotton pads like no tomorrow. I have used it once & it felt very strange but as far as nail polish removers go it's pretty good & I also picked up a Barry M nail polish in Berry Cosmo, which I don't think it was in the sale but for £2.99 you really can't go wrong. It is a gorgeous deep purple/berry shade & I love it so much.

Lastly I popped into Superdrug & picked up a few goodies, I finally jumped on the Maybelline colour tattoo bandwagon & picked up on & on bronze, this looks absolutely gorgeous & I really can't wait to try it out, I also picked up the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Blonde, I've tried this but I'm not quite sure if I like it yet. I needed another white nail polish so I picked up Mua All Nude, this has a slight cream undertone but for £1 it is absolutely amazing & after seeing that they were out of stock for ages I finally got my hands on one of the Barry M matte polishe - Vanilla, it is such a gorgeous shade, perfect for every season. The last thing I picked up was a Dove lipbalm, so far I really like it - it feels really nice on the lips & keeps they pesky dryness at bay.

So that's it for my haul, are you a fan of any of the products mentioned? What have you bought lately? (:


  1. Loving the dark berry shade nail varnish....colour is stunning...fab haul!!

  2. Thanks lovely (:
    It really is, such a great shade for a/w (:


  3. Lovely purchases, would love to see a review of the Benefit Kit :)

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  4. Oo these all look like the sort of things I would buy! The Barry M Berry Cosmo polish looks lovely and perfect for Autumn. Definitely going to have to get some of these (along with many Lush Christmas things!)

    Millie x
    Hidden Beauty♥

  5. Stevie - Thanks lovely, I will definitely review this in the next few weeks (: I have a review of the Benefit The Bronze Of Champions set to (: xx

    Millie - It really is such a gorgeous colour, lasts so well on the nails to (: I haven't got round to trying the Lush Christmas things I have yet but I already have a small wishlist of other things I want from their Christmas range aha (: xx

  6. I have the Benefits as well it's great stuff :) i got the blue packaging one from debenhams. great post love it all.
    following you

  7. I haven't had a chance to try it out properly yet but everything looks great (: Thanks lovely (: xx


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