6 Possible Blog Posts When You Have A Severe Case Of Writers Block

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Hey Dolls.
We all have those days where we have no idea what we want to write about, maybe we haven't tried any new products or done anything interesting but what usually happens to me is I just can't seem to put a sentence together or everyday life has gotten in the way & I just don't feel up to it :( But you're probably thinking - Ash, you post everyday without fail. Yes, I do but that's because I write more than one post at one time so I usually schedule a lot but there are some days where I have no idea what to write about so I thought I'd share my top 5 go to posts with you just incase you have a case of writers block.

No, I'm not just writing jibberish aha - these stand for Nail, Face, Outfit & Hairstyle Of The Day. Just done your make up? Painted your nails? Done your hair? or Put on your favourite outfit? Why not take some photos & blog about it? It is a simple post that a lot of people love to see, I don't do them often but they are such great posts when your stuck for idea's.

2, Tags.
I adore tags, they are fun & your readers get to know a little more about you. Whether it's a beauty, blogging, autumn/winter/summer/spring or even a fashion tag. There are so many out there, just search on google/youtube or even have a go at making your own.

3, Wishlists.
Everyone has one! Whether it's a beauty/skincare/home decor/fashion/candles or a mix of everything. It can even be aimed at one specific brand or shop, they are such easy posts to do & a lot of fun.

4, Life.
Had a nice day out or walked the dog & took some snaps, share the photos & write a little about what you did or found something you're passionate about? Would like to share your thoughts about it? Do it! Everyone loves a post that's from the heart, it will spark conversation & you can interact more with your readers.

5, Outfit Ideas.
Have you found the perfect dress, bag, shoes, skirt etc. Have you planned what you would pair with that item? Why not share it on your blog? It will show your style more but it may also give your readers some inspiration for outfits to.

6, Guest Posts.
Maybe your not feeling up to any of the above & would like a little break? Get some of your favourite bloggers to write a guest post for you. It will add some different content but also allow you to take a well deserved break & give the blogger a chance to gain new readers.

So that's all of the posts that help me out when I'm having a case of writers block, I hope this post helped you but remember it is completely normal to just not feel up to it, don't let it get you down. If your readers truly love your blog, they will comepletely understand if you need a few days, a week or even a few months to get back into the swing of things.


  1. this is a great post :) I'll be coming back to this the next time I have bloggers block, we all go through it right? xx


  2. Thanks lovely (: Definitely, I find I get bloggers block more when I'm stressed out :/ It's really good to have some posts to fall back on (:


  3. Great post! I always get writers block but don't want to take too long away from blogging so thank you for sharing some ideas! :)

    Peach Pow XO

  4. Thank you, I'm so glad the post helped (: I get writers block quite a bit to, I tend to do tons of posts when I haven't aha (: xx


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