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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hey Dolls.
I am always looking for the perfect way to apply my foundation, I want it to look as natural as it can but still cover my imperfections. I recently decided I wanted to try the beauty blender but as it is quite pricey I decided to have a look on Ebay. I found one for 99p with free p&p which I thought was amazing, it did come from Hong Kong so it did take a couple of weeks to arrive but it is totally worth it.

Before use, I run the sponge under the tap & squeeze a few times to make sure the water is evenly distributed. I then gently squeeze it in to a towel to remove any excess water, it increases in size quite a bit but will go back to the original size when fully dry. I did try to use it dry but it doesn't work half as well & now I have a stained sponge

I like to apply a tiny amount of foundation/concealer to the back of my hand & apply it using a dabbing motion. The sponge is really easy to hold, it has two sides, a large round base to apply the product to the majority of your face & a pointed top which is perfect for applying it to the sides of your nose, under your eyes etc. 

The sponge is very soft, so it doesn't irritate the delicate areas on my face. I do find that it takes a little longer to apply my base when I use this but it gives such an amazing finish. My skin is left looking flawless, with no streaks or cakiness. Even though this makes my foundation look a lot more natural, it covers my blemishes & dark circles amazingly well. 

I adore this sponge, I may just stock up on these instead of splurging on the beauty blender.  

 Have you tried the Ebay Beauty Sponge?


  1. Egg blenders are just the best thing! I can't believe how long I went without one really. So jealous your a decent Ebay shopper tho, I can't bid to save my live and it I do 'Buy it now' I can never find a bargain!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. They really are, I'm lusting after the Real Techniques beauty sponge. I spend hours on Ebay, I very rarely bid for anything but I come across loads of bargains. If you want to find something cheaper, let me know & I'll search ebay within an inch of its life to find it aha (: xoxo

  3. This sounds so good, Ash! I was extremely skeptical of the Beauty blender (like really... $26CAN for a sponge?). But after reading 99% positive reviews, I just bit the bullet and now I love love love it. I love the beauty blender, but it's so expensive! I may just get a lot of these ebay ones. Pretty sure its exactly the same thing, minus the brand name? xD

  4. I adore it (: I don't think I could spend the money their asking for for a branded sponge. I'm very doubtful that it makes a difference. Have you reviewed the beauty blender? The ebay sponge is incredible, it makes my foundation/concealer look so natural (: it's definitely worth 99p xoxo

  5. looks like such a good blender. at 99p I'm definitely going to order one with my next ebay haul!
    Chloe Xx

  6. I love finding a good bargain on ebay, goes to show there is no need to spend a fortune of items. Let me know what you think of it when you try it (: xoxo


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