My First Models Own Purchase

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have wanted a Models Own polish for so long but for some reason I never got round to picking one up but while I was purchasing a few bits from Superdrug I saw that they had Snowflakes in stock. This specific nail polish has been on my wishlist list for months, I am so happy that I've finally got my hands on it & after using it a few times I thought I'd share my thoughts.

'Stay on-trend right down to the tips of your toes. Creamy or pearly, glittery or neon, all our nail polishes glide on smoothly and are hardwearing and long lasting. Designed for fashion – and fun!'

Snowflakes comes in a standard glass bottle with a white plastic lid, allowing you to fully see the polish within. The brush is quite thin but dispenses just enough product to cover the nail in two swipes. Snowflakes is a clear topcoat with a mix of transparent white gold flakes, it reminds me off little pieces of imitation snow you get in a snow globe & then makes me excited for Winter/Christmas. It is quite thick & the first time I used it, it took a while to get used to but it does leave a lovely finish on the nails. The flakes can make it look/feel a little bumpy but I've found when you use a good topcoat it becomes smooth within a matter of minutes, I have used this over so many different nail polish shades & it has looked amazing on all of them. I am really impressed with the quality & how long it lasted on my nails - four days. It might have lasted longer but I must admit..I started picking it off.. I know.. I know.. major bad habit! 

I will definitely be picking up more shades from Models Own, they are affordable at only £5 each & you can also get the collections in box set for only £20. Bargain! 

Do you love Models Own? Which shades do you love?


  1. Its sooo pretty! looks almost glass-like. Oh I imagine this would look amazing against a pure white or a frosty light blue!?!?

    LFA (lovefromangelic) Xx

  2. I have tried it against a white & it does look lovely (: xoxo

  3. i love your blog layout! also, models own nail polishes are great, i own a few of them!

  4. Thank you (:
    What shades do you have? (:


  5. This looks so pretty! I have a couple and my favorite are Purple Pearl and Purple Ash xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  6. It really is, I think its going to be perfect for Christmas (: I just googled them & they both look like amazing shades (: xoxo


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