Blue Dragon Sushi Meal Kit

Saturday, 10 August 2013

 Hey Dolls.
I adore sushi so when Matt's mum brought home these little sushi kits for dinner, I was super excited. 

The kit contains:
A Bamboo Rolling Mat
 2 Sets Of Chopsticks 
Sushi Nori 
 Sushi Su Vinegar
2 Bags Of Rice
2 Sachets Of Soy Sauce
  Wasabi Paste

All you need to add is the filling you would like. We decided to add some crab sticks & prawns & it really was delicious. 

I expected this little kit to be quite expensive but it was a such a bargain at only 99p! You can make up to 4 sushi rolls & that serves 2-4 people. I have always wanted to make my own sushi & it really was a lot of fun, we aren't experts just yet but I am definitely going to stock up on a few boxes soon.
Are you a fan of sushi?


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