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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hey Dolls.
I love buying affordable make up brushes, so when I stumbled across these Real Techinques dupes on Ebay, I had to give them a go to see if the quality was just as good. The design's are pretty much identical, there is very little difference apart from the fact that the Ebay brushes have a different brand name & only sell face brushes unlike Real Techniques who have a range of eye/brow brsushes.

  I ordered three brushes - the buffing brush, angled brush & setting brush. You can get five different brushes from the range & also choose from three colours - Pink, Gold & Blue. They are £2.44 each & have free delivery, as they are from Hong Kong they took up to ten to thirteen days to arrive which I personally think is quite good.

 The Buffing Brush;
 When I came across the Ebay brushes I decided to chose one similar to the buffing brush, as I have always been reluctant to buy the whole core collection in order to get just one brush that I want. I wanted to find a less expensive buffing brush without compromising on the quality & I've done just that. The Ebay buffing brush is incredibly soft, it feels sturdy & I haven't experienced any shedding. I use the ebay buffing brush to buff in foundation when I need to build up extra coverage on days where my skin doesn't looks its best. 

 The Angled Brush;
The second brush I picked up from the ebay range was the angled brush, I use my blush brush for apply bronzer into the contours of my face but as I also used it for powder blush aswell, it didn't always look great. I wanted a brush that was smaller then the blush brush but did the job just as well. I find this brush picks up just the right amount of bronzer & blends it out flawlessly, it is incredibly soft, sturdy & I haven't experienced any shedding.

 The Setting Brush;
The last brush that I decided to pick up was the setting brush, I usually use a eyeshadow brush to apply powder in the harder to reach places - sides of my nose, under the eyes etc. but a couple of times I forgot that I used it for applying eyeshadow & ended up with shimmer/eyeshadow over my face so I thought it was about time I got a brush for that job only, it is small enough to fit into the harder to reach areas but is also dense enough so I can buff the powder in slightly to give a more flawless finish. I have experienced a tiny bit of shedding with this brush when I first had it but haven't had any since, the brush is incredibly soft that I haven't experienced any discomfort using it on the delicate area's of my face.

The Ebay brushes are a well made, affordable way to build up your brush collection or even start it, I adore Real Techniques but I have to admit the Ebay brushes are amazing dupes & I may pick up more in the future. 

Will you be giving these brushes a go?


  1. I've got the buffing one and I love it! It's really good for liquid foundation. Plus there's no shedding at all.

  2. It really is a great brush, will you be picking up any more? xoxo


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