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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hey dolls.
I adore the Real Techniques Stipple Brush & I have heard so many great things about all the other brushes so I definitely couldn't wait any longer to add some more brushes to my collection. I ordered the Blush brush, Powder brush & the Expert Face brush & have used them for about a week or so now so I thought it was time to let you know what my thoughts are.

 Real Techniques brush line was created by the lovely Samantha Chapman who is one half of the well known sister duo 'Pixiwoo', both very experienced, successful make-up artists. As a pair the sisters have had major internet success through YouTube where they have millions of subscribers to their online make-up tutorials, me being one of them. As working make-up artists, Sam created this line of brushes to combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever but most importantly keeping them affordable. The brushes are all made from taklon bristles, they are ultra plush & smoother than the hair you'll find in other brushes. Since taklon is synthetic, it's 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light, from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting. The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every make-up need from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral make-up, highlighter, and shimmer.

Blush Brush | I use this brush for two things, blush & bronzer. It is the perfect size to apply the right amount of product to contour & define my cheeks.

Powder Brush | I love applying powder with this brush, It picks up the right amount of product to set your make up & it is great to buff into the skin for a flawless, even finish. 

Expert Face Brush | I adore applying foundation/concealer with this brush, it makes buffing/blending effortless & creates a streak free, natural, even finish to the skin.

All Real Techniques brushes are incredibly soft, wash well & once dried, keep their shape. I have had no shedding from any of the brushes & most importantly, they are animal cruelty free.

I definitely, wholeheartedly recommend the real techniques brushes. All the ones I have tried, are beyond amazing.

Do you own any of the Real Techniques Brushes? What brush is you favourite? I would love to know what brushes you love & what you use them for, so leave a comment down below or if you have a review of the brushes, link it to me in the comments.



  1. I recently purchased the Expert Face Brush and I love it! :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  2. It really is, I really want the duo fibre collection. It looks amazing (:


  3. Real Tech's are so amazing.
    I need all of their brushes~
    Velia | Cocoamourr

  4. I completely agree, such good brushes and affordable too! If you are looking to build your RT collection I would recommend the buffing brush, in my opinion it's better than the expert face brush :) xx

  5. Veila - They really are (: I could happily buy all their brushes, my make up looks so much better since using them (:

    Courtney - I adore them, I have heard so many good things about the buffing brush, hoping to add it to my collection soon (:


  6. for me the expert face brush works so well. im really glad i picked that one up
    A Beautiful Zen

  7. It really is amazing, my foundation looks flawless when I use it (: xoxo


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