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Monday, 1 July 2013

Hey Dolls.
I am constantly going on about how amazing Mua products are & this one is no different. Mua are always coming out with incredible quality products that are all purse friendly. The Mua Gel Eyeliner has been out for quite some time but as I absolutely adore my Collection 2000 Felt Tip Eyeliner, it has been slightly unloved.  Yesterday I made it my mission to use the gel eyeliner instead & after applying it, I loved it so much that I knew I had to review it as soon as possible.

I really like the packaging, each eyeliner comes presented in small round plastic pot that has a large pointed handle, at first I wasn't sure why the handle was so big but it's because inside the handle is a small, fine eyeliner brush that can either be clipped on to the base for a longer brush or used on it's own. I have used the brush both ways & I prefer it clipped onto the base as I feel like I can get a more precise line. I have shade Underground which is a intense black, it is amazingly pigmented from the very first application. Texture wise it is incredibly soft & creamy, so it is really easy to apply & blend. It does dry quite quickly, not so quick you have to rush application & possibly mess up but quick enough to not end up getting smudges everywhere. It dries matte & has lasted for around twelve hours without fading, flaking or smudging. Overall it is an amazing eyeliner & a complete bargain at only £3 each. There are four shades to choose from, Black - Underground, Pewter - Fairground, Brown - On Move & Turquoise - Tribe

I will definitely be adding to my gel eyeliner collection so if you have any recommendationsm let me know in the comments.

  Have you tried the Mua Gel Eyeliner?

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