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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hey dolls.
I have been lusting after the new Mua nail polishes for quite a while & now that I've finished my spending ban I finally picked some up - I was only going to get the one to see if I liked them but five ended up coming home with me. (:

 Pistachio Ice Cream - Pale Minty Green 
 Amaretto Crush - Muted, Dusky Pink 
 Strawberry Crush - Bright Coral 
 Moody Mink - Muted, Dusky Purple
 Frozen Yoghurt Lavender Purple/Blue

 'The NEW Nail Polish range from MUA - new shades, new bottle & a new and improved brush!'

I love the packaging, the bottles are sleek & elegant, the brushes are thinner, yet denser than the originals, so you get more polish onto the brush & they don't fan out, leaving you with an even, non-streaky finish! & probably the most exciting, they all have a name now rather than the boring 'Shade 1,2,3 etc' 

 These Polishes are amazing, they are incredibly pigmented, need one - two coats to be opaque, dry even & streak free & have a subtle glossy finish. As they have changed the brush, it is much easier to apply & achieve a neater finish. I am incredibly impressed with the Mua polishes & they are a bargain at £1 each.

Have you picked any of the new polishes yet? What do you think of them?

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