What I've Bought #5

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have purchased a few nail polishes in the last couple of weeks, I have really enjoyed trying out different nail art looks & having bright or textured nails. 

First of all, how amazing this the lid! Who doesn't love a bit of aztec. This is a gorgeous neon pea green shade, it needs three coats to be opaque & takes up to 10 minutes to dry but it is so gorgeous I really don't mind those two facts.

Every blogger & their mum owns this polish, I have seen so many great reviews I just couldn't resist picking it up. This is a lovely milky taupe colour, it dries within 5 minutes, only needs one coat & lasts for about a week without chipping.

I went out of my comfort zone with this one as yellow nail polish doesn't usually look great on me but I adore this one. This polish is a neon yellow, it only needs two coats to be opaque,  dried within 5 minutes, leaves a lovely glossy finish & has lasted for a good four days without chipping.

Another polish that usually doesn't look great on me is orange but I adore this shade. This polish is a neon orange, it is opaque in one coat, leaves a gorgeous glossy finish & lasts four - five days without chipping.

 This is a gorgeous milky pinky nude, the brush is larger than most so you can cover the nail in one application, it leaves a gorgeous glossy finish but looks amazing matte to & it only needs one coat & it lasts for a week without chipping.

My favourite nail related purchase this month! I adore matte nails & could buy every colour but when I spotted this, I was excited to say the least. It transforms any nail polish into a gorgeous matte look with a velvet finish, you only need one thin coat & the brush is quite wide so you can cover your nail in only one application.

 Invogue Feather Effect Nail Polish - Sunset
The last nail polish I have to show you is a textured one which I have been a little obsessed with. This polish is a clear based nail polish, filled with tiny peach & white feather like particles, it only needs to coats for the nail to be completely covered, it dries insanely fast & it lasts on the nail for three - four days which I think it pretty good for a textured polish.

So that is everything I have to show you, have you bought any nail polishes recently? 


  1. I love the look of the Barry M and the Maybelline polishes! Although I've not heard very good things about the Maybelline polishes :(


  2. They are gorgeous shades (: They are actually really great, I suppose its all about preference but I quite like them. (: xoxo

  3. loving the colours, reminds me to update my nail polish collection !

    let me know if youre interested in following each other on bloglovin/GFC

  4. They really are lovely, aren't they (: xoxo


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