Gosh Extreme 2 Step Volume Mascara

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have been trying to use the more un-loved mascara's that I own, so today I'm going to be using the Gosh Extreme 2 Step Volume Mascara that came in the Gosh Bohemian Eyes Set. I was quite worried that you would still be able to see the white mascara underneath but thankfully that wasn't the case, once I applied the black mascara my lashes looked thicker but only a little longer, the white mascara underneath was no where to be seen & my lashes was nicely separated.

 Step one
I was left with white lashes which didn't look much thicker but quite a bit longer.
 Step two
My lashes are a teeny tiny bit thicker but the length is about them same but I am quite happy with the result.

The only issue I have with the mascara is that although it did add volume, my lashes were crispy & flaky which always gets really uncomfortable towards the end of the day. My eyes constantly felt like I had something in them & I wanted to rub them which resulted in me taking my make up off at my boyfriends house by washing my face three times before the mascara fully came off. As I have never tried any other Gosh mascaras I really hope this was a one off.

Have you tried any Gosh mascaras?

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