Fudge Urban Texturising Sea Salt Spray

Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Get that beach lovin' feeling with Fudge Urban Sea Salt tropic coconut mist. Spray in and scrunch it up for that messy "out of the surf" sexy beach hair look or blow-dry in and pump up the volume for loads of natural texture and oomph.'

Since embracing my natural curls/waves I have really wanted to achieve that messy beach hair look , so I had a look online & found the Fudge Urabn Texturising Sea Salt Spray on offer on Superdrug's website for on £3.99 instead of the retail price of £6.99. Bargain! I've had it for quite a while now but I have been waiting for summer to come around to use it more. I really like the packaging, it is bright orange & has a fab lid that makes it super easy & risk free when taking it traveling. I use the sea salt spray after I've washed my hair & let air dry a little until damp than spray it from the bottom of my ears down to the ends & scrunch & then spray lightly around the roots & blow dry in. I've only used it on the bottom half of my hair & let air dry in the photos as I was at the boyfriends place & forgot my hairdryer but I really like the result :)

 It has a gorgeous light coconut scent which lingers on the hair all day, there is no product build up, doesn't leave my hair sticky or stiff & creates amazing beachy waves with lots of texture & volume that lasts all day without the need to re apply the spray. 
You get 150ml of product, so its small enough to throw in your bag but big enough to last quite a long time [even if you are spray happy like me. haha (: ] I am really impressed with the sea salt spray & will definitely be getting more from the Fudge Urban range.

Are you a fan of the beachy waves look? What sea salt spray do you love?


  1. I have naturally curly hair, but sometimes they need a bit of style to them. This sounds like a great product with a great pricetag too. Going to have to keep an eye out next time I'm in Superdrug! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle

  2. I love this idea!
    And the before and after pics - you can totally see a difference!
    Cute blog and a lovely read :)

    Much love,
    Suz x

  3. - Hannah
    It really is a great product, it define my waves & makes me look like I've just spent all day at the beach, which would be quite nice.
    Until the 17th Superdrug are having a free delivery offer on their website :)



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