My First Attempt At A Fishtail Braid

Friday, 7 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I wanted to try something new with my hair today, I had a look online & found some good tutorials  on a fishtail braid herehere,this is the first time I have attempted to do a fishtail briad & it wasn't easy. After a couple of times I finally got it to look quite nice. I am definitely going to be practicing this to make it look better but I thought I'd share it with you as I do quite like it. :) As I have weirdly misplaced all of my bobbles I wrapped a piece of hair around the bottom & secured it with a bobby pin instead which worked just as well. :)

Are you a pro at the fishtail braid? Have you tried any new hairstyles for the Summer?


  1. Fishtails are my go to hairstyle at the moment. So easy and quick to do! The messier the better!
    Love the way you do it at the back I can only do the side!
    Suz x

  2. Thank you, I think it looks so much nicer than a regular braid :)



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