St Ives Deep Cleansing Apricot Body Scrub

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hey Dolls.
In my last Spending ban update post I mentioned that I purchased a new body scrub as I had run out of my usual one, I picked up the St Ives Deep Cleansing Apricot Body Scrub from Asda as it was on offer for £3. I have only used it a couple of times so far but I have noticed an amazing improvement in my skin, it is alot smoother & softer without any dryness. it has made the blemishes I have on my arms & back look so much better & less noticeable. The scrub has a creamy formula with fine granules, it has a light, fruity, apricot scent that lingers on the skin for a while & as it is less abrasive than a suger or salt scrub it can be used up to two or three times a week.

 'For over 25 years St. Ives have been bringing over 100 countries the best of nature in their natural skin & body care products available on the highstreet at an affordable price.  St. Ives strongly believe in taking care of the environment, their packaging is Eco-friendly & they're always aiming to reduce waste.'

I love the packaging, it looks clean & fresh. The body scrubs are packaged in a white plastic tub with little bits of colour added here & there, simply twist the lid & scoop the product. I use about two - three walnut sized amounts for my entire body. A little really does go along way with this scrub & it is definitely worth the money.

Have you tried the St. Ives deep cleansing body scrub? What do you think?

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