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Friday, 10 May 2013

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Hey Dolls.
This is the third post in My Body Confidence Issues series & today I'm going to talk about my size.
I have always believed that you have to be skinny to be beautiful, it is portrayed in everything. Adverts, Music videos, Models, Hollywood in general. etc. The media bitch when a woman is too thin or when she actually puts on some weight then she is too big. So many girls think they should be as skinny as a model or actress & they just end up making themselves sick in the process. I have always had curves & I have struggled with confidence all my life, I got bullied in school for my weight among other things & it got to the point where I didn't want to eat anything..I would go without meals & in the end I just felt pretty crappy even though I lost some weight & people complimented me on it..I wasn't happy I didn't lose the weight because I wanted to it was because I felt like I had to...Like it was the only way I would fit in. 

So then my parents took me out of school & I had a tutor for a while, it was great. She was so nice & she told me that people usually get bullied because the bully isn't happy with their own life or they feel like they have to bully someone to not get bullied themselves. It made sense as one of the girls who bullied me was a lot bigger than I was but it still wasn't fair that all my confidence was taken away because those girls had issues with their life. I have gained some confidence since meeting Matt, he does everything he possibly can to make me feel good about myself & I know he means it. I have also gained confidence from volunteering at Barnardo's & from an amazing blogger, Sian. I have mentioned her in My First Dress Purchase In 2 Years & First OOTD post & everything I said couldn't be more true. She is so beautiful & her style is amazing, she always wears whatever she wants because at the end of the day its what she thinks that matters. She is my role model, she embraces her curves & has helped so many girls realise you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful.

 As I have a bigger bust than most girls I have to go up a size or two for tops to fit comfortably & not many shops stock my size which is a shame. Its always really disheartening to find a piece if clothing you love but then finding out that they don't even do clothes close to your size. I am a size 18 & I'm finally getting to a place where I am confident about my body, it only took 8 years to wake up & not despise what I see in the mirror. So if you are a bigger woman or even if your not, one day you will love the way you look because you should, you are all beautiful no matter what shape or size you are. Even though I am not 100% confident with my body, I'm getting there & I am going to embrace my curves, wear what I want & not worry about what people will think.

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