Going Barefaced

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hey Dolls.
After reading Sophia's blog post about being brave, I got instantly inspired. Like her I felt that if I walked into the world bare faced people would recoil in horror. I always have to have some make up on my face, it is my security blanket. I suppose to some people it makes me sound a bit vain but wearing make up makes me feel confident & ready to face the world, without it I feel anxious & uncomfortable. So today I decided to start small & wear no make up while I was walking to my boyfriends house, its only a 15-20 minute walk but it took alot for me to do it. Matt has been trying to get me to brave the world barefaced for ages now & I've tried so many times but the nerves get in the way of actually doing it. Matt truly thinks I'm beautiful no matter what I look like, even when I haven't had much sleep, my hair is in a ridiculously messy bun & wearing the worlds un-sexiest pjs of all time. I could sit here & ramble on for hours about how Matt has made me feel so much better about the way I look but that's a story for another time. To my surprise people didn't recoil in horror if they passed me in the street, they went on with their lives without any damage from my bare face. It made me feel so good about myself, something I said I would never do but..I did it! I braved the world barefaced but the challenge is not over yet, I only took a 15-20 minute walk next I want to wear no make up while going shopping or when I go to the Charity Shop I volunteer at.  I want to be comfortable in my skin, without spending ridiculous amounts of time doing my make up everyday, even though I love it..I want to be able to go to the shop or the post office or even to appointments without waking up earlier just to 'put on my face' in the morning.

I challenge everyone to do this, remember you are beautiful no matter what :) 

Could you brave the world barefaced? Or are you already comfortable without make up? 


  1. well done for doing it, you look great without make up on- you skin is so clear! x

  2. Thank you so much :) xx


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