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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Summer Essentials!
 Hi guys! It’s Mel from Drifted Day Dreamer at !
Ash and I have decided to write for each others blogs!:) Anyway, now the sun is kind of out, and it’s the season where it should come out, we have both decided to do our summer essentials.

Makeup wise,  I have 9 things. You may see similar sort of patterns with colouring and shimmer. I feel in the summer you have to have a little bit of shimmer. I love the simmer on my cheeks with a matte lip, or a glittery type of lip with matte cheeks, both matte, or both shimmery could become a little overpowering.

Lips; MAC Lipstick, Viva Glam Nicki.
I love, love this lipstick, its a satin finish, so semi-matte, and its bright pink. It looks lovely with everything in the spring/summer. You can make it work with any outfit.
Also, a little tip, It looks lovely as a blush, just dap a bit on your finger and pat it on your cheek, it gives a lovely hot pink glow, without it being too overpowering.

Miss Sporty Lipstick; 055 Dream.

A really cheap lipstick for only £2! As cheap as chips! It’s a lovely red colour that is workable on all skin tones, and easy to apply, no mess ups, a quick swipe is all thats needed for an opaque finish.

Blushers now; Benefit Bella Bamba,
Also one that is a shimmery pink, lovely for the summer! Smells summery, of watermelons! A staple for me for the warmer months.

What is summer without a bit of coral blush? It has to be Hot Mama by the Balm!
It’s a gorgeous colour which is buildable on the cheeks, it gives a pretty coral finish.

Highlights; For the highlighting objects I love MAC’s white eyeliner on my lower lash line and the inner corners, Also, high brow glow for my eyebrows.

Bronzers; I just adore my Elizabeth Arden  Bronzer, It gives a lovely healthy glow look to you!

Mascara; For the eyelashes, I love Both Benefit’s they’re Real Mascara, it defines the lashes lovely! I also like the Maybelline’s Falsies, it’s the same concept as the they’re real mascara, only cheaper, and a different brush!

Primer; Last but by no means least for makeup, is the That Gal face primer by Benefit, I also love the Porefessional, in which I prefer the Porefessional, however Porefessional gives more of a matte look, whereas That Gal gives more of a dewy hue.

I love floral scents for the summer, aswell as floral patterns on outfits, in which you may be able to tell.. Oops. The five I’ve picked out which do have more than just floral are below,

The Loverdose Perfume, that is quite florally, and smells gorgeous. A favorite of mine, and by Diesel.

Meow! By Katy Perry, I actually cannot put my finger on what this smells of, but it is a lovely scent!

Two Harajuku Lovers Perfumes; Baby (from a collection) and Love. Baby smells very cleanly, a very clean scent, which I also like, nice and light for day time in the summer for example.
Love, is also florally.

Lastly, Is Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, again, a floral scent, mixed with some clean scent, It does smell lovely.

Just a quicky here, but I’m sure im not the only one who brings out the plaits for the summer! I love it, it just brings texture to the hair, it looks gorgeous with a tan, and with a little bow, which you can see I’ve added.

Lastly, is outfits, Patterns for summer are so in, especially for florals, as thats when the flowers naturally start to blossom. Why not embrase the fact its summer?! I have picked out four outfits, One top, two dresses and one skirt.

The patterns range from Birds, Flowers, Hearts, Diamonds, Leopard print, Butterflies, anything that screams summer, is an essential.

A little sneaky tip, Primark at the moment have gorgeous dresses and tops for sale, really cheaply, Especially the top, first on the left, I got for only £3! Bargain! A worth having a look!

That is it for my summer essentials posts! I Hope you enjoyed that and give you a little hint in what you could possibly take insperation from for your summer.

Have a lovely time in the sun, catching some rays, getting a tan, but stay safe!

Mel   xx

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