Battle Of The Brow Products

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have been switching between my brow kits & pencils lately so I thought I'd do a little post about them.I am a little obsessed with doing my brows, it makes me feel alot more confident when my brows are shaped nicely & filled in.

So first up are the brow kits,
L-R; Gosh Brow Kit - 001 & MUA Pro-Brow Kit.

Gosh Brow Kit;
This is the first brow kit I bought, it was £7.49 which I think is pretty good considering how long it has lasted me. [ I bought it in Jan 2012 ] It has three powders, a wax cream to set the brows in place, plus a double sided applicator. I use the lightest shade but I will occasionally mix the medium shade & the lightest shade together to vamp it up a bit. The wax holds my eyebrows in place perfectly without making them hard no matter how much I use. The only thing I dislike about the Gosh Brow Kit is the sponge applicator to apply the brow shade is falling apart, it now has quite a big hole in it at is quite difficult to apply the product. All in all I would give this a 9/10.

Mua Brow Kit;
 I always get excited when a new MUA product comes out. So when I saw they had a brow kit, I had to have it. It has two brow shades, a highlighter, a wax cream to set the brows in place, a double sided applicator & mini tweezers. It was a bargain at £3-£4, I use the lightest shade & like the Gosh Brow Kit I will occasionally use a tiny bit of the darker shade to vamp it up. The highlighter is a very dark peachy colour & doesn't really work well as a highlighter, The wax holds my brows in place really well without making them hard but It doesn't last as long as the Gosh one so I will have to touch it up if I'm having a bad brow day. The applicator is amazing, I love that it comes with a slanted side to apply the brow shade. The tweezers are okay, they are a little stiff so I usually find it hard to use.
All in all I would give this a 8/10


The Brow Pencils;
T-B Mua Brow Pencil - Blonde & Maybelline Define A Brow - Dark Blonde

Mua Brow Pencil;
I picked this up because I could only find the Maybelline Define A Brow with a set for £8, I didn't want a hoard of brow stencils & tweezers so I needed a cheaper alternative. This was a bargain for only £1, It is very creamy texture which I really like, I only have to use a little bit of product. It is a brilliant match for my brows & it lasts for ages. The brush is very basic & sturdy but seems to get really dirty within one or two uses but it does blend out the product really well. I would give this an 9/10

Maybelline Define A Brow; 
This was the first Brow Pencil I bought, like I said I have very fair brows so they look like they aren't there if I don't fill them in. This is a little darker than the MUA Brow Pencil but at the time I bought this I did have my hair dyed black. It doesn't look that dark if I only use a tiny bit & blend it out enough. The brush is amazing, it is a very thin toothed comb which makes sure the product is blended really well & doesn't make sure your brows look natural. The only two problems I have with this is it is quite hard so I had to apply a little pressure & broke the tip off & I can't see how much product is left as you twist it up. I would give this a 8/10.

What brow products do you love?


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