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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hey Dolls.
I am so excited to be able to finally write this post, On the 31st March I received my Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman through my letterbox but I have only just gotten round to using it as I have only been putting on some mascara & filling in my brows. I purchased it on Amazon for £9.49 which is a bargain as it is usually around £11-£13. I have never been one to spend alot of money on make up brushes, I think the most I've spent is about £5-£6 for a set that I only use about 5 things from. I have wanted to get the Real Techniques brushes since they came out. I have read so many great reviews on them but I just couldn't justify £10 for a brush, compared to other brush brands it is very affordable but I just wasn't sure if it was worth the money.
 So I ordered a Elf Stipple Brush instead & I do really love it but the Real Techniques one was still at the back of my mind screaming "ASHLEY BUY ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO" so the other day I did & I am incredibly happy that I spent the £10 for one of the most amazing things I have every laid my eyes on.

When I first started using foundation I used my fingers, I thought there wasn't a need for make up brushes until I decided that having to wash my hands or use a wet wipe after every time I applied foundation & then do it again after doing the rest of my make up was ridiculous. My hands were getting really dry because I hardly used hand moisturiser either so I bought a brush, it was  the Elf Flat Foundation Brush for £1.50 it was a bargain but after a while I didn't like basically painting my face so I went back to my fingers until I bought the Elf Stipple Brush it was only £3.50 & I was incredibly happy with it, I found the stippling motion very relaxing but recently I haven't really liked the finish of my foundation maybe because even though I should & I am quite disgusted, I very rarely wash my brushes, maybe one every 2 weeks but it is a tedious chore & I'm never sure what to use. Do I use shower gel, shampoo or should I purchase something specially designed for washing your brushes? Its all a bit of a kerfuffle.

Onto the brush;
Even though it is bright pink, it is an incredibly beautiful brush. It has an extended aluminum handle so it is light & easy to use. The bristles are defined & incredibly soft, The brush hairs are very flexible & have individually defined bristles that create a bouncy & gentle touch to the skin.
It left me with a flawless finish & I didn't have to touch up with my fingers afterwards. It is slightly thicker at the bottom so you can stand it up on your desk if needed. I have only used it once so far but I really enjoyed applying my make up today, I stippled the foundation on & then buffed it in. You don't need to use alot of product as this brush really does make it go along way. So far I am really impressed with this brush, I had quite high hopes after all the reviews I have read & It didn't let me down. I will be getting more of the Real Techniques brushes soon, let me know in the comments which ones you recommend.

Do you love the Real Techniques Stippling Brush?



  1. i wish you hated it cause i'm so tempted to buy one now! x

  2. You definitely should, it is amazing & totally worth the money. It is still currently £9.49 on Amazon. I generally prefer getting something cheaper when I'm not sure if I will like the product. If you do get it let me know what you think :) xx


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