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Saturday, 13 April 2013

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Hey Dolls.
I have decided to start a series of posts about something that every girl goes through, body confidence issues. I have been debating doing this series of posts for a while & today I have decided to do it.
Every girl has something they dislike about themselves, whether its their body shape or their appearance. There's always something.

So to start off I am going to talk about a part of my body I have always had issues with, my boobs. 
I was an early developer, I skipped normal growth & went straight to the doubles. 
I remember being 9 or 10 & going to school one day & in the middle of that day I realized I had forgot to put a bra on & got rather embarrassed about it. At that age I really shouldn't have been concerned with that type of thing but for as long as I can remember I have never left the house without a bra because it made me so uncomfortable. I have always had bigger boobs than everyone I know & even though I don't get the pains that sometimes come with larger breasts, I don't really like them. I have gained more confidence over the past year or so, which is a great thing but if I could change them I would probably jump at the chance. I have considered getting a breast reduction but to be honest, I'm scared I wont even like them after that.

I have had so many girls tell me they would love to have boobs as big as mine but I just don't get why. My boobs jiggle when I walk, I can't wear certain tops because I just end up showing to much cleavage, I get pervy guys staring & girls making comments about whether they are real or not. 
In school I would skip PE lessons because I just wasn't comfortable with the other girls seeing me with just a bra on, they were all normal.  I got bullied alot in school & all the girls would make fun of how I looked, especially how much bigger my boobs were then theirs. To them even if they hated theirs & wished they were bigger, it was still okay to make me feel like crap about mine.

The boost in confidence is pretty much all down to my boyfriend, Matt. Before Matt & I became a couple he was & still is my best friend & I have always been able to talk to him about anything. 
I have told him about how I feel about my boobs & he has been very understanding & supportive.
He tells me I'm beautiful everyday & often tells me that everything about my body is perfect but the bit that really makes the difference is that I know that he means it & hes not just saying it to get something out of it.

Most girls love shopping for sexy new bras to wear but I don't, I mean don't get me wrong getting a lovely new bra still makes me happy but finding one is the hard part. Most shops don't stock my size & it is the worst feeling in the world when you find a bra you are in love with but then they are one or two sizes off or stock bras for the girls who only have small to medium sized boobs. The only place I can get bras my size is Asda's so I generally avoid the bra section in New Look, Peacocks etc. It's the same with clothes, I have to get a size or two bigger than my size or they will cling to me & then I get more unnecessary comments.  

I am going to be quite honest with you now, I am 19 years old with a DD chest & they just seem to be getting bigger & the more they grow the more I dislike them. I've had people tell me that I should consider myself lucky & I have nothing to complain about. If you spent your life avoiding buying certain tops because your worried you will have to much on show, feeling disgusted everytime you get someone staring at you or hearing other girls talk about whether your boobs are real or not, would you like them?

I have set myself a goal, in the next year or two I would atleast like to be more confident about my body & like my boobs enough to rule out having a breast reduction. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know if you would like more posts like this in the comments.



  1. I know exactly how you feel. I am an F cup and a size 12. I used to be a size 10 and an E and I was a lot happier. All my friends are envious of my boobs but they just get on my nerves. I cannot wear half of the clothes I want to wear as if I wear something with a high neckline I look even bigger and its just not flattering and if I wear something low cut it looks tarty!! You cannot win.
    Men always notice my boobs too which also bugs me as I would prefer to be petite with not tiny boobs but just a bit smaller than I am.
    When I go to the gym and get changed (its a communal changing area) my boobs are always the biggest (not that I look at other women) but you know what I mean and I feel so embarassed.
    My friends say they would love it...I don't think they would really if they had to have them every single day.

    Also dresses annoy me as I wear dresses 99% of the time but I have to go up a size unless they have stretch in as they won't fit my chest but then they end up bigger on the waist and hips!!
    I suppose we have to live with what we have and I just try and think to myself a lot of women would pay for these lol

    Take care x

  2. Its good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't understand why girls would want huge boobs, I would like to have average sized boobs, so I can wear whatever I want & not feel uncomfortable that I'm showing to much cleavage or get stared at.
    Lol yeah, I suppose thats a good way to look at it :D


  3. This is such a great post. I have the exact same body confidence issue except I'm a late developer/ I don't think I even did. I also have the issue of having one boob bigger than the other. I know all girls do but mine is so dramatic. At the moment I'm in a B cup with one bursting out and the other barely filling it. So do I stay squished into a B or go to a C. Either way I'll feel ridiculous. I've been told I can have corrective surgery but at 19 I'd rather wait and see how things plan out, my boyfriend gives me incredible confidence. It's so great of you to write such a good post like this. Hopefully things will work out for both of us!! XX

    Hannah, Glitter And Sparkle

  4. Thank you :)
    You should definitely wait it out, you haven't stopped growing yet but in the mean time you could try some breast enhancers to even things out? Heres a link :)


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